Dry, limp winter hair?

Here are some tips and tricks we use at Fringe:

For people who donʼt like to use much in the way of products, a change in the shape of your hairstyle can be a huge help. Having the length brought up and possibly having a few layers strategically placed throughout, can be just the help your limp hair needs this winter.

For those of you who are more comfortable using products in your hair, make sure the product is not too heavy for your hair type. For finer hair, product should be lightweight so it doesnʼt weigh hair down. Texture sprays, like our Aveda texture spray which are generally used in summer are wonderful for giving you a little extra lift at the roots without being too stiff. For more textured to curly hair, A firm gel or holding cream works wonders for this time of year. Oils, like coconut oil tend to just lay on top of the hair rather than absorb into your hair. This means that oils may appear to make your hair look shinier, but actually do nothing to treat your hairʼs dryness.

For a shiny finish to any hair type, our glosses and glazes are our most popular go-to service anytime of year. Be sure to check out our Instagram to see an example of dry, frizzy hair brought back to life with luscious curls and shine.

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